Friday, 22 February 2013


Wind falls from the sky,

The twirling gust grooms the earth,

I cant hear the earth sigh,

But I hear her groan,

She shifts her posture,

She bleeds,

What lies hidden within her dreams?

Her lips are unread to me.

Rain soaks into the ground?

Fed by waving oceans,

Housings for the ménage,

As Waves shiver bodies they crash against,

Her substance yields despite affinity,

O the moon turns his back on us,

Yet she cherishes his effection,

His untouching embrace.

A radiant love reflects within her blue,

Bare Greens and browns show their flesh,

They lookup but they cant,

As her undirected love is too strong,

A message sent out for all to see,

All who will look,

An inspiration found by  many is the fuel she supplies,

Passed on unending.

The World

The horizon lifts its lids of cloudfall,
Wilful, strong, cleans the systems within them,
Sharp strikes across the skull’s thoughts to wind through,
Lifting all cognition through the spheres too.

Listing the controls struggle to wash them,
Water serving lubrication between,
Whipping rays think of the airflow stalling,
Wondering what the landscape had once known.

Memories abound but access does not,
Sections calling but others not stalling,
Flections spear each idea as the lifelines,
Link the future with pastures evolving.

Sustenance comes forth from the one carer,
A system of energy conditions,
Sculpturing within, following the law,
Drawing chemical power from solid.

Raging life trapped in design of the crust
Twisting support gives life from below,
Heat absorbed at one with the family,
An incubation protects: so lovely.

Different planes revolving around one,
Gelling substantiations live to breathe,
Inter diversity, beings accrued,
Specialisation of thought is the new.

Way to unity of the one creature,
Lessons carve as rift valleys shallow,
Falling with gods stricken in the maelstrom,
Conscious enlargement envelops onward.

The mind is now growing to fill the void,
The enlarging braincase filling, not full,
The joining of bodies infinitum,
The scope of which only one eye can see.

Many eyes joining, merging of the planes,
One movement of thought, individuals,
Combination to grow and grow and grow,
Upwards through and up and on and on, life.