Sunday, 8 February 2015

I am the Spitting System

And the bricks one elicits for the elixir of life break beat with the complicity of cities of sheep, called livers of life out of their evacuated minds. The resign required to pummel this POV sphere of import into spaceport thinking intrinsically stumbling mumbling not humbling but bling bling sing me a fucking song I enjoy cos you deserve to give me spew that you live-in, but I breathe in. So I just claw together a nestled position that them on the inside of my mind need me to fulfill-up to the brim for their reckoning. I fall in and stim sting and ring my own neck in.

Juicin and releasin the beast-in seems a direction to leasehold a temp period of epiphany trivial. Conviviality would seem to be the tragedy but is the path you see the malady of yore or just a position of view to sue from the world-whore? One is strugglin to fit out of a main the stream the tribute they feel is the loot. But do they dont think they flow on emotional potions of opinions swallowed down cos those who have read or spoke said so? Where are we if not in the middle of all that is around us a vacuum that sucks and surrounds must this and that and live like a twat if you do or dont do that. Slap the welcome doormat and live in a hut with some mutt to suck and swallow you and your spew and tenuously spot-on world view. Who can you fool when your cool and all of a spoof of soul who sees all when all you do is secretly drool and imagine ways to spool off your own mint. To take away the chump you just leave the cunt to get fucked like you did that.

There I was trying keep shit friendly maybe I should bend down on one knee and stick a barbed wire prong down your erect bent slong metaphorically ringed. The deeper the bunker-buster the more shit gets happy it would seem. But how responsibility for the idiocy of all you see falls down to me, I'm free of mind and inclined not resigned to a decline. Mix up your large but small mind with the thrown out bacon rind I've been reasoning with n seasoning for a long time. I need to get you fuckers primed for the minding of the future with juggling and smuggling meme to cope with the required energy closure not atavistically spit on him or me from up there in your holier than cunt....try. You see the way you believe in the flow to throw it all to blow it all to life snow to limbs flyin and kids dying their minds black and fuck that. The way to slip your malaise and dregs induced haze is to phase any and all variable flow into posi drive shoulder mounted compassion and love for all life. Respect not only the life but also the freedom of all to dream to attain juxtaposed with all hoes. A new mainframe can only evolve as it will and it will as it will not your will. It flow it grow it make you know that bricks all day lay and fall futurewards so? Nothing surer than the need if a bag of sugar needs you and your fuckin hypo-greed. Human demolition always takes the position of jostling and knoshing down on any and all shit scraped up and onto me. But the you need me in your fucked tree. I am the fuckin tree and always will be you bitch ass got fucked by me every day. You love it really. You just hiding away that dead hippies body solidly. Scared of the systematised nature of your minds eye. Maybe just a lobotomy of all the culture you see is the why. I say perpetuating the licking of the fanny for eternity or until it changes me or itself to me or itself intrinsically ostensibly generally everyone must suck me.