Sunday, 14 October 2018

Develop Love

Explosions of pleasure fade away after time,
A feeling of numbness masks the sublime,
Although on the surface you are feeling it fine,
Sensations are dulled and it feels not kind,
To what you are wont to expect from this time,
Do not reassess as new feelings are to find,
And as you explore, looking for more,
Back to the start your heart will draw,
As all feels again as was once before.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Few get the chance at life

I’m grinning,
Heart spinning,
Going stale,
Hearts pale,
Black energy burns,
Searing to the core,
Opening futures,
Horizons broad,
Unlock what not one could surpass(ing),
Delightfully deluge all the time of the day,
Without warning the falling seizing the fallen,
Bore aplace two face,
Take all once in all then?
Droplets apouring storms,
Brewfully strike falls,
Constriction of the shortfalls,
Nucleonic power-sources used earths energy released,
Bursting forth into vacuity,
Vacua inside themselves organisation is contrition,
Tests taken?
Inner worlds hold hordes furled,
We are the luckiest of the gifted ones,
The frontier feeds us as we live to feel its sensationalism,
Following the flow you would be upended,
A life is your gift,
Use, abuse, peruse, then lose,
Back to the source falls all.