Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Love For All Life

Love for life, life is sacred,
Born with nothing we leave naked,
Why is sufferance an utterance of god?
As everything is relative, we would always find fault,
Your lot of love and suffering is given,
Taken with thanks as the price can be high,
And as you die your last breath is a sigh,
A sigh of love or a sigh of despair,
Do you care enough to follow nature’s laws?
Sometimes written, sometimes spoken, always known,
How you find your goodness and your definition of its sum?
To you may not come the answer,
But seek it you must,
For to entrust in a fate that should be kind to you,
Can be a hope that will not flower after your demise?
Do not lie to yourself or hide yourself from judgement,
A decision thats source varies as we do,
You will do as you feel,
Can your mind be a resource for good action?
Only one person can make a decision,
If you learn your lesson then a fate of all of us is closure that although remote may be attained.

A Final Flight

As the tides are drawn upward by the moon,
I look up toward its surface,
Its bulk draws me upward,
And this force will suffice,
To aid my wings in their labour.

As the clouds swirl all around me,
And around me their hands do smother,
I break through their enveloping tendrils,
As they give up their cover.

Passing ever upward,
The horizon bows at my height,
As the blue falls behind,
As the darkness falls,
I pause.

All the stars are laid before me,
A blanket, sewn together, at its edges,
And within my vision,
Lies all, that ever has been,
Produced in the existence I live in.

The moon, I see as my Heaven,
It calls to me and yearns for my company,
So I propel myself forth,
With light filling my sails,
From a source that never fails.

Craters that exist become larger,
Others are born and grow,
Mountains cast shades,
I begin to slow,
To prevent my arrival into darkness.

As my goal blinks into darkness,
The edge, still is lit, in the distance,
To avoid the night,
To catch up the light,
Of its edge, I keep sight,
To the light, I give flight.

Below me a forced dawn is occurring,
As its brilliance dazzles my eyes,
Toward my new companion I am drawing,
Through his landscape am soaring,
And with glee in the meeting,
The moment seems fleeting,
But so finally content am I.