Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bleak heart

Groynes path straight to shore.

The groynes are coping,


Am I me?
Why am I me?
Why am I not you?
What is this place?
Why am I here?
I do not understand,
What can I see?
What can I be?
Need I break free?
I do not know.

What is the cause?
Are their flaws?
Evidence to show what I do not know about this existence,
Why does the epiphany come yet fall away from my understanding?
As I grab piece after piece will conclusion succumb to my attentions?

Someday I may succeed this life,
Move forward into immortal infinity in my mind or this world,
I may find out the reasons that bind our realities together,
Maybe the power to trigger a life eternal will be mine to control,
Yet, I fear that nothing will conclude in totality until the ends meet new beginnings.

A Memory So Cherished.

Gone forever the broken, flinted, dusty road,

into a new world  I passed,

dodging the claws of bracken’s brethren,

moving silently through the mist,

My breath caught sight of itself,

whistling whispers, with the elegant pines

that dizzied me,

I twirled as they turned.

Flashing beams, warmed my face,

A sprinkling of sparkling

from frosty clothes,

closed my eyes,

their lids like geometric roses,

cascaded to the ballet above,

I swayed in silence,

cold knees creaking softly, as the trees danced,

hissing their whispers in my ears.

Listening between the sunbeams,

my heart beat felt strong to me,

the whooshing of blood fading into the background,

There was no interruption of pace,

as the deer leaped by,

their file storing away my breathe,

causing my heart to leak into the forest,

lost forever.

When I close my eyes,

roses return a gift to my heart,

The treads of secret animal tracks,

emblazoned there, twist my yearning,

I cry as I did then,

the memory of my knees

on the blanket of pine needles,

sobbing silently,

my tears froze in time.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


The cup rocked,
but the air inside was still invisible.
I knew it was there because someone told me,
and we trust unto each other.
The ultimate cooperation moving towards standardisation.
Either that or the play station.
Life tick-tocks me,
flips me like a penny,
a new one with infinite sides;
makes my mind want to hide.
But I know it has to fall somewhere.
And it landed in the cup,
with a plop;
the air having replaced itself by decaffeinated tea blend.
It made me feel cold as the non-caffeine took hold,
but I knew it was just a deeper meaning
as burning feels cool when it doesn't destroy.

Falling Earth

As the wind rips ripples, clothing is all he hears,  
Her hands are on his chest, 
she is omni -vision, 
He feels pushed to the heavens.

But falling, he is falling,  
Streaking the skies, downwards,  
growing euphoria,  
layer by layer.

Colours overwhelming,  
Warm spreads of green, reddening browns, shining blue,  
she sits vivid, conscious,  
an expanding awareness, now he can see,  
she is alive!

Far below within shadow she is brewing, 
Purpling masses creeping,  
A collecting englowment, strobing, strikes ecstatic.
Veins of light, show the globe curving, 
slowly enfolding, enmeshing, enjoining,  
Her vessels contain her, 
Resources enflame her,  
I am her nature.
She pushes him, pulls him, 
from the earth, he has fallen,  
and now on approaches, 
slowly dropping to meet, his time runs out…
The return of force,  
seems apt.