Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Poem of Today

38 Whats
What do I take you for?
What is the meaning of this?
What will the future hold?
What will I be doing next month?
What is the freedom involved in it all?
What will I make for us?
What is the game we play?
What is the indirectness amounting to?
What is enough power to run the grilling?
What will I produce from my mind?
What will it develop in me?
Mr. What or Mr. Whom can be trusted . . ?
What, where, why, when?
What’ll willy will for the willing?
What was the way that they meant us to follow?
What does it mean when they are friendly towards you?
What is the being we will fall into?
What, you think it’s more of an intentioned inquiry?
What line does the horizon emphasize?
What will you follow to the beginning?
What is the rewiring of my circuits in lieu of?
What is the like for like in the name of?
What will the law allow us to terminate?
What is the ticket ticked off of the pile for?
What will replace me when I am gone?
What is the endpoint of a growing relationship?
What is the point of the scrabbling around we reorder?
What do the artists expect from the forms they fold?
What is the buzz the Hacker brings out in the pssht shores?
What is it but a combination or maybe not?
What second approach is required to pare down the variables?
What do I do with the space once I’ve created it?
What does one do to secure the way forwards is . . ?
What confusions lie at the heart of All?
What nothings are the source of the it in it?
What doing fills the ordering?
What intentional mistakes were made in this?